lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009


T.S. Eliot
(1888 - 1965)

Nobel Prize winner T.S. Eliot took an innovative approach to poetry, viewing the poetic craft as an outlet for creativity, rather than an emotional catharsis. His poetry reflected this stance, often focusing on serious and meaty topics, rather than feelings and intangibles of life.

At the same time, Eliot expertly explored humor and unusual poetic forms, as with "Mr. Mistoffelees":

And we all say: Oh!
Well, I never!
Was there ever
A cat so clever
As magical Mr. Mistoffelees!

I love this dichotomy, as I think it offers a balanced view of reality. Poetry may offer both writers and readers much more than an outlet or an escape. Surely, valid expression and amusement may often coexist creatively in well-crafted poetry.

According to Eliot,

"Our high respect for a well-read person is praise enough for literature."

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